Advanced Pleiadian Healing Technologies
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Tachyon Ascension Tools
Galactic Merkaba Activator

Galactic Merkaba Activator is our newest addition to advanced healing Tachyon technologies. It is created as a silver plated Flower of Life sacred geometry design mandala which through harmonic resonance helps with Merkaba Light body activation. Seven faceted gemstones  serve as focusing lens to channel healing energy from the Galactic center directly into our energy field through our heart chakra. The Galactic Merkaba Activator was subjected to 12 hour long tachionizaton process and thus became a permanent Tachyon stargate, constantly connected with the unified Zero Point Energy field through a hyperdimensional wormhole.


Galactic Merkaba Activator


Tachyon Sacred Geometry Quartz Oscillators
Tachyon sacred geometry quartz oscillators create a tiny amonut of piezoelectrical charge that creates a harmonic resonance through our physical bodies and our energy fields. By holding the Tachyon Oscillator in your hands you apply a mechanical force to the crystal that begins to emit piezoelectrical charge. As Tachyon Oscillators were subjected to tachionization process they also act as Tachyon stargates and coupled with piezoelectrical effect this creates a very high and harmonious vibrational frequency that assists in our Ascension process. The shape of the sacred geometry crystal determines the shape of the positive etheric Tachyon scalar field and thus the general effect on our consciousness:

Cube Oscillator: grounds our consciousness, brings focus, puts us into here and now
Pyramid Oscillator: connects us with our higher self, brings inspiration
Dodecahedron Oscillator: puts all aspects of our being into balance, aligns us with our divine archetype

All three types of Tachyon Oscillators are 4 cm in size.


Tachyon Oscillator

Moldavite Stones from the Pleiades

Moldavite stones came to Earth as tektite fragments 14.8 millions years ago from the Pleiades. They contain pure Pleiadian essence of divine Love. Their extremely high vibrational frequency activates the Soul trigger of our remembrane of our true Home. As our Moldavites were tachionized, they serve as a very powerful catalyst for our jounrey Home into the 6th dimension and beyond.

Moldavite gem grade

Libyan Desert Glass Stones from Orion

These stones came as tektites from Orion star system 26 million years ago. They contain codes from Orion stars system to transform duality. They can assist us as catalysts to transform our inner shadow. As all our stones are tachionized, their effect is even more powerful.


Libyan Desert Glass

Heaven and Earth

Aquamarine and Red Garnet are two stones that represent opposite polarity, Heaven and Earth. Aquamarine is a sky stone that connects our consciousness with the fifth dimension and beyond, whereas Red Garnet is an Earth stone that very effectively grounds us into the alertness of Here and Now. When tachionized, Aquamarine becomes a portal into the motherships of the positive extraterrestrials, and Red Garnet becomes a portal into the center of the Earth. All our Aquamarines and Red Garnets have been subjected to 12 hour long tachionization process, transforming them into portals of Heaven and Earth.They are best used together, assisting in your meditation of bringing opposite polarities into the One. Our Red Garnets are available in one size (10-15 mm large), where our Aquamarines come in three sizes: small (15-30 mm), medium (30-50 mm) and large (over 50 mm)



Heaven and Earth

Goshenite and Morganite

Goshenite and Morganite are two stones from Beryl mineral family with extremely high vibration. Goshenite accelerates our Ascension process and puts us into contact with Ascended beings, whereas Morganite opens our heart to higher unconditional cosmic Love. All our Goshenites and Morganites have been subjected to 12 hour long tachionization process, transforming them into living portals into higher dimensions of consciousness. Goshenites are available in two sizes: small (15-30 mm) and large (30-50 mm), whereas Morganites come in two sizes: small (20-30 mm) and large (30-50 mm).





Hackmanite is a very rare mineral, a sulfur chloric sodium aluminum silicate. It is the single most powerful stone to connect with angels and spiritual guides and to unlock the spiritual powers of the higher self. Tachionization makes this very special stone even stronger. Hackmanites are available in three sizes: small (3-6 grams), medium (6-10 grams) and large (10-25 grams).





Gem grade sapphire from Ratnapura in Sri Lanka is the famous Neelam stone, the stone of planet Saturn. This sapphire protects the owner from external forces of oppression. Fully tachionized, it is even more effective. To be worn in a pocket or a purse to create a  personal protection shield. Very small (10 - 20 mm long) yet extremely powerful. Our sapphires come in two sizes: small (2-5 carats) and large (5-10 carats).     




Tibetan Quartz

Tibetan quartz amplifies the energy of our free will. Subjected to 12 hour tachionization process, its power gets even more pronounced, and it becomes a very useful tool to amplify our free will, for example when we wish to manifest something. In meditation, it strengthens our connection with the I AM presence. Our Tibetan quartz crystals come in two sizes, small (2-3 cm) and large (3-5 cm).

Tibetan Quartz

Flower of Life Stickers

These stickers have been designed to emit tachionized flower of life harmonious resonance field in the energy grid of the planet. Each package contains 5 sheets of 20 stickers, totalling 100 stickers per package. Diameter 40 mm. You can glue those stickers to any place you feel guided to improve the energy field of the area. Price per package 60 EUR.


Flower Of Life Stickers

Flower of Life Birch Comb (NOT IN STOCK)

This comb, made of high quality Russian birch wood, has been also subjected to 12 hour tachionization process. Tachionized flower of life resonance field creates a positive plasma discharge that keeps hair healthy and rejuvenated. Lenght 19 cm. Price 50 EUR.


Tachyon Vortex Pendulum

This copper plated pendulum has been designed according to advanced understandings of Schauberger vortex physics. Being subjected to 12 hour tachionization process, vortex tachyon field creates a positive feedback loop with the consciousness of the user, increasing the accuracy of penulum readings. Size 4 cm. Price 65 EUR.


Bhutanese Tachyon Incense

Bhutan is not only the country with the happiest people on the planet, it also holds centuries old tradiion of incense making. Our incense has been made from purest ingredients that can create the highest possible vibrational field. 12 hour long tachionization process allows this incense to disperse tachyon energy to the whole room and thus effectively lights the vibrational frequency of the area. Size 23 cm. Price 40 EUR.


Tachyon Ascension Tools

Cashmere Shawl
This purple shawl is made from the finest cashmere which can absorb the most tachyons from all fabrics during the tachionization process. Effectively raises the vibrational frequency of neck and the upper torso. Size 71 x 223 cm. Price 135 EUR.


Cashmere Shawl

Pillar of Light

This silver pendant, created of a quartz pillar and seven chakra gemstones, has been designed to stimulate your spiritual growth. Subjected to 12 hour tachionization process, it becomes even stronger. Size 4.5 cm. Price 80 EUR.


Tree of Life

This pendant, made of 925 sterling silver and rainbow color gemstones, is connecting you to heaven and earth and is thus a very balancing and rejuvenating influence in your life. Fully tachionized, it is to be worn on your heart chakra. Size 4 cm. Price 130 EUR.


Vesica Piscis

This is a very special pendant, creating a portal into Goddess mysteries. Made of sterling 925 silver and seven chakra gemstones and fully tachionized and worn on the heart, it balances your heart chakra and second chakra into eternal love. Size 4 cm. Price 130 EUR.


Ascension Pendants


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